Let the adventure begins..

On the 11th May 2013, we started our 31 Days Adventure to the Oceania! 

It was a graduation trip for the prince and a 21st birthday present for myself! All started with a flight promotion newsletter email from Emirates that the prince has subscribed for. Initially, we wanted a road trip to Australia from Brisbane all the way to Adelaide and/or Tasmania. 

Since Emirates was having a promotion for flights to New Zealand as well, we've never been there and have heard so much about the country's sceneries. So why not?  We booked an inter-country flights (from Singapore - Melbourne, Australia - Auckland, New Zealand) and planned a week for Melbourne before we head down to New Zealand. The return tickets cost us less than SGD2,000 for two (SGD1,982 to be exact). Without the promotion, it could easily cost us another SGD500 to SGD700 more for each ticket. 

Spent the whole morning and afternoon doing some last minute purchasing and packing. It was indeed a real torture to think of what to throw in the luggage and what not to.. 

Camera equipment for the adventure!
Here's our 47KG load (excluding the tripod, sling bag and 2 backpacks)!
Oh! By the way, that's our travel bear - Duffy Zai. Say hello! 
Thank you families and friends for sending us off! 

Here we go!!! 
Bought myself the Aeroplane Charm to celebrate our adventure! The Duty Free Store (DFS) is about 10% cheaper than PANDORA boutiques. This Denmark jewellery company sure know how to catch my heart and money. 

My first time on board an Emirates flights. No complaints about the flight. It was a Boeing 777-300 aircraft for our first flight from Singapore to Melbourne. Not exactly looking forward to it after reading about some of the real bad reviews of Emirates by other passengers on Skytrax. Of course, there are good reviews as well though.. 

Requested for a seafood meal and a normal meal for our flight and we absolutely loveee the seafood meal! All thumbs up! The normal meal was not that bad. Breakfast meal was good as well.

Oh! The perks of taking night flights and window seats, you get to see lots and lots of stars! Even spotted the Milky Way somewhere in the middle of the night.. Totally bliss!!! ;)

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