5 Facts You Might Not Know About Flowers

No plans for the weekend? Why not take two hours to learn something new? How about creating your own hand-tied bouquet or table arrangement in a jar with A Better Florist.

A Better Florist is a Singapore-based florist, dedicated in offering the freshest possible flowers at affordable prices with free island wide delivery.

I attended their hand-tired bouquets with their signature burlap wrap workshop earlier this month. You can look out for their upcoming workshops on their pages. Each session is $50, considerably reasonable.

Like any other workshops, it started with an informal get-to-know-you chat. Followed by, an introduction of the flowers and tools that we would be working with and how we should prepare the flowers for the arrangement. Then, demonstration of the basic flower arrangement techniques and we were given some hands-on time. All of us walked away with our bouquet at the end of the session. The end.

No, I am not going to write all that in details accompanied with a series of photos. That’s for you to join and find out in the workshop!

Instead, here are 5 interesting facts you might not know about flowers that I learnt from the workshop.
  1. Keep the flowers away from household appliances
    It’s nice to add some colors to the TV console or work desk. However, appliances such as televisions and computers give off heat, even when turned off, that can dehydrate the flowers! 
  2. Panadol is not a flower food
    Myth busted! To a certain extent, throwing Panadol into the vases still helps as it kills the bacteria in the water. 
  3. It’s not always cheaper to DIY
    For experienced florists, yes for sure it is cheaper, as they go to the wholesale market knowing what they want. For newbies, you might not buy enough flowers to fill up the gaps in your bouquets. Food for thought. But, of course, practice makes perfect. 
  4. Cut the ends of the stems everyday
    Flowers wilt when there is not enough water. Cutting the end of the stems each day help the flowers to soak up as much water as possible. Cut the stems at an angle if you want your flowers to bloom faster. 
  5. Wash the vase everyday
    Changing the water in the vase everyday is not enough. The cleanliness of the vase is just as important to ensure the flowers last. 

Information you might be interested in:

A Better Florist
11 Keng Cheow Street, #01-02
Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay (Exit B)
Website: https://www.abetterflorist.com/
Where to Book: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/a-better-florist-13207335689

All expressed opinions are mine, as always.