Day 08: Lake Taupo - Tongariro Alphine Crossing

english muffin singapore
English muffin for breakfast! 

I really really love English muffin and they are conveniently located in most supermarkets in New Zealand. But why is it so difficult, almost impossible, to get them back here in Singapore's supermarkets. :( Any English muffin lovers out there?

Where we parked our campervan for the night! 

Didn't manage to take much photos of the Great Lake Holiday Park as we were rushing to prepare our camper vans for our upcoming days. Basically to fill up the water tank, clear the waste and etc... and then quickly rushed to check-out. 

Yes, there is a specific timing for campervans to check-out for some of the holiday parks! 
I'm not sure if there is any penalty for late check-out since the place was pretty empty. Being a first timer, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry! Then again, we were actually about 30 minutes late for our check-out time and lucky to be not paying for any penalty.. 

Anyhow, the Great Lake Holiday Park was really great, well equipped with all necessary facilities. Most importantly, it's clean! Definitely living up to its 4+ stars standard! :) We paid for NZD 36 for a night in the month of May (it might be more expensive if you are going in summer months). 

The itinerary of the day was: Great Lake Holiday Park > Lake Taupo > Tongariro Alphine Crossing > Wellington Whanganui 

First stop: Lake Taupo. Formed by a volcanic eruption, the Lake Taupo is almost the size of Singapore with the size 616km² and the latter being 710km². It's one of the "must-see" on your itinerary for North Island, New Zealand. 

Since it's one of the must-see for North Island, how can we not go there? But well if you ask me after I've been there, there is really nothing much fantastic about Lake Taupo. The only reason that is worth your "places-to-visit" list, Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand

So now, may I present to you... Lake Taupo!

Posing at the "unofficial" look-out point of Lake Taupo

There are different look-out points to the lake. As you can see from the above, where we were standing aren't really the "official" look-out point. Our dear GPS Mr Tom Tom brought us there, right beside some residential houses. Ok, better than nothing right. 

As we were on our way to the next destination.. The road signage brought us to the what I call the "official" look-out point where there is a proper signage stating that "you are here overlooking to the Lake Taupo". 

There you go! The official look-out point with proper facilities overlooking the New Zealand's largest lake. 
But sadly we didn't go down of our campervan to take any tourist-worthy-photo. Well, thanks to the rain. 

Then as we continue driving.. We were led to yet another look-out point! The photos would have turned out much nicer without the dark ominous grey skies and clouds.. 

Yay! We've landed our foot on beside the New Zealand's largest lake!

Random shots during the drive. 

Trying to locate our next destination..

The next destination was the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, best known to be the New Zealand's best one day hike. It's a 19.4km track and there is different start point that you can start your walk with. 

If you wish to adventure the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, I'd really recommend you to read up more before attempting it. There is a series of things you should prepare beforehand. Like arranging for transport to wait for you at the end of the track and you might also need a guide etc. There are also the dangerous zones within the walk that you should aware of. 

The initial intention was to experience the hike (a little). In the end, we didn't get the chance to do so.. Nonetheless, we managed to brave through the wind and storm for these photos at 2 different start points! 

(Via Ketetahi Road)

(Via Mangatepopo Road)

Bided good-bye to the alpine and we continued driving to the next destination. The initial plan was to drive all the way down to Wellington, the Capital city of New Zealand, and then make a loop up back to Hamilton or New Plymouth. But in the end, we decided to give that city a missed for the bad weather is making it difficult and tiring to drive and it's a really long drive.. 

Then we stopped by this random KFC along the way to settle for our late lunch and early dinner. Our quest to try all fast-food in New Zeland, Carl's Junior on Day 6, McDonald's on Day 7 and then KFC on Day 8! NZD21.90 for our tub of (6 or 8 pcs) chickens, fries, mashed potato and drinks which I thought it's so much cheaper than Singapore! 

And we ended the gloomy wet day at Wanganui River Top 10 Holiday Park. So yep, this pretty much sum up the 8th Day of the adventure! 
Overview of the driving route of the day! 


Information you might be interested in:

Great Taupo Lake Kiwi Holiday Park
406 Acacia Bay Road 
Nukuhau, Acacia Bay
Taupo 3330, New Zealand 

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Wanganui Top 10 Holiday Park

460 Somme Parade
Aramoho 4500, New Zealand