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Day 11: Hamilton - Auckland

Day 11/31 is one of the less exciting day of the trip..

Checked out of the Hamilton City Holiday Park. The park is equipped with all basic facilities, relatively clean and quiet, it is a little pricey at NZD35 per night for a basic site like this. But seems like we've got no choice as it's the only campervan site in the city. Nothing fancy. 

Our campervan was parked beside this cute retro-styled motorhome (read about the Difference between Campervan & Caravan

Previous night's so-so dinner was whip up in this pretty well-equipped kitchen. 

2.30PM: Royal Oak Shopping Mall. Found the existence of mall on our TomTom GPS while trying to navigate to the nearest PakNSave to shop for the night's dinner. 

New Zealand Lotteries Commission (Lotto New Zealand). Everybody love a game of chance once in awhile. 

Your trip to New Zealand is not quite complete without having the World Famous in New Zealand – L&P (Lemon & Paeroa). It's a carbonated sweet soft drinks with hint of lemon taste in it. Ok, the descriptions doesn't really sound nice but you've got to try it to believe it! I didn't exactly accepted the taste initially but somehow my love has grown over time! #NZmustdo

4.00PM: Central Auckland. The itinerary of the day was to take a 2 hours drive from Hamilton back to Auckland and spend the day exploring the main streets of the city or otherwise known as Central Auckland. But this plan didn't happen because parking in Auckland city was a nightmare! Roads are narrow, streets are busy, car parks are expensive and full everywhere, it's no wonder the most populous city of New Zealand! 

5.00PM: Off Airport Shopping Centre, conveniently located just diagonally across Auckland Airport (about 3 mins driving distance). You can find almost everything in the shopping centre, from cafes, clinic, pharmacy, post office, banks, supermarket, florist to even hair salon. Great place for travellers to stock up on whatever that might have left forgotten. 

5.30PM: Done with our shopping! The Warehouse. As per their slogan "where everyone gets a bargain", we did manage to grab some good bargain items! Damage of the day: NZD44.30

6.00PM: Auckland Airport Campervan Park is a total self-service campervan park. Booking has to be done online and payment to be made via credit card. Confirmation will come with an unique code that is to be entered at the entrance gantry. There is no staff presence in the park at all as opposed to the usual campervan park where we usually have to sort of register and make payment with the host/ staff. 

Priced at only NZD29 per night, it's not the cheapest campervan park that we've paid for but definitely cheaper than the other campervan park in Auckland. Comes with full facilities with kitchen, toilets and showers. Most importantly, it's conveniently located just less than a kilometre away from Auckland Airport.

All in all, I love the minimalist look and feel of the whole place, it was a pleasant place night stay. Sadly, it's permanently closed

7.30PM: Feeding time! Posing with my all-time-favourite carrot omelette! 

Overview of our drive route of the day! 

Information you might be interested in:

Hamilton City Holiday Park

14 Ruakura Road,
Hamilton East, 
Hamilton 3216, New Zealand

Royal Oak Shopping Mall

691 Manukau Road 
Royal Oak, 
Auckland 1023, New Zealand

Off Airport Shopping Centre

1 John Goulter Drive 
Auckland 2022, New Zealand
Full list of shops available:

Auckland Airport Campervan Park - CLOSED
Jimmy Ward Cres, 
Auckland Airport, 
Auckland 2022, New Zealand