Day 14: En route to Queenstown

2.00PM: After our feast at the Bluff Oyster Festival, we continued to our next destination – Stirling Point, southern-most of New Zealand while the northern-most of New Zealand is Cape Reinga.

4.30PM: En route to Queenstown

It was a beautiful drive to Queenstown. Every turn was a surprise! The weather was so gorgeous and scenery so beautiful that these photos don't do justice.

Lake Wakatipu 

7.30PM: The day ended off with a pot of quick and easy New Zealand instant noodles. 

Information you might be interested in:

Stirling Point
46° 36' 53" S, 168° 21' 21" E 
39 Ward Parade,
Bluff 9814, New Zealand

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  1. It is Indeed one of the most amazing places i've ever visited. Loved this town.
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